"'Imagery' is the internal language of consciousness. It is by following the path of our consciousness each one of us can make that vital connection with the world out there and the authentic Soul within". John Barrett, artist.

Original Oil Paintings, Limited Edition Prints and Cards. Commissions undertaken


John authentically paints in oils and acrylics on themes inspired by light and Spirit. For artists interested in improving their techniques and learning more about spiritual guidance in art please click here to see information about joining the 'Inspired Art Network'  Membership of the network will ensure you are e-mailed one article each month for 12 months. The articles are written exclusively for the network and provide detailed explanations of each aspect of working multi- dimensionally with your own spirit guide.

For further information about the philosophy behind the art network and to understand the concept of multi dimensional support in inspirational artwork both for the Artist and viewer please visit my blog at www.spiritual-insight.co.uk 

The basis for this picture is "Sunrise over fields"  The central figure has been digitally added and the picture is now available has a limited edition print